Pain, something especially as we get older, there just seems to be more of it to deal with. With everybody being different, pain can affect people in different manners. Also, certain individuals have a higher pain tolerance than others and are just willing to put up with more pain. But we need to ask the question, “Is that always a good thing?”

Addressing pain as soon as possible can prevent you from having more difficulties later in life. and it’s probably causing more problems than you may realize at the time. To deal with pain effectively, in most cases, it’s not just the stretching or portion of it, but it’s really the strengthening of the opposite side of the muscle that can be just as beneficial as stretching.

Matt Peale the author of Athlete in the Game of Life breaks down the science of corrective exercises that will help you stay healthy, fit, and pain-free with real-world solutions.

Watch Matt’s Video on how to improve your posture,
helping to eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

Full interview as Matt talks about problems he is seeing in people in their twenties and even younger.