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Show Notes

October 26

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics


Dr. Scott Faulkner in for Dr. Kelly and Steve House:

How Dr. Scott is different from the mainstream medical practices, telehealth available. / Interview

Injection-type weight loss approach, fad diets, individual weight loss, general guidelines / Interview

Bodily sugar regulation and increase of sugar in diets, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.  / Interview 

Dr. Scott’s history and why he is now in independent practice. Dr. Scott’s Covid Story / Interview 

Veterinarians who do not want to touch the animals.  Try Lone Tree Vet. / Comments 

The Run Around – A Medical Story. / Interview 

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. / Interview

The Covid nonsense is never-ending. New Zealand’s criminal investigation into Covid. / Interview 

Effects of Mulitple Concussions Years Later. / Interview


Mass Shooting at Maine Bowling Alley, 22 Dead, Dozens Injured. Wayne Black is the founder of Wayne Black & Associates, a Miami-based security consulting firm. He was a Miami-Dade police detective and later an Organized Crime Group Supervisor for State Attorney Janet Reno. Later, for more than a decade, Black was the personal security detail leader for former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. He is also the author of School Insecurity: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents and Educators on School Security, Protecting Your Children, and Fostering a Safe Learning Environment. / Interview 

Messages John receives over the text line. People hear what they want to hear and not what was said. / Comments

Randy from Arvada, who works weekends downtown Denver, called in about homelessness and hotels

Pat from Weld County called in about homelessness – unhoused and how our government causes the problem.

The Communist Agenda – No self-worth / Comments 

John from Cheyenne called in about how we are not equal and how the left wants equality of outcome. 

Press Release: House Speaker Johnson’s Radical Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies are “Horrendous Economic Policies for the Country.” / Comments 


Currency specialist Fred Dashevsky, owner and founder of US Coin Capitol: Five Frightening Facts about America’s National Debt and Our Ability to Pay It. / Interview 

New Report on Wages. Article / Comments 

Judge is Wrong! Article / Comments 

Scott Garliss with Porter and Company Research on the Economy: GDP numbers: While the GDP numbers seem hot, they’re backward-looking. What’s happening moving forward is more important, and it’s looking like a slowdown. / Interview