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Show Notes

June 26, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Absolute ElectricalWhy whole house fans so advantageous in Denver. / Interview 

Russia Coup: Vladimir Putin managed to avert an attack on Moscow with an eleventh-hour deal with his mutinous mercenary commander. / Comments 

The Titan Submersible: The Facts as we now know. / Comments   / Part 2 

Ted Cruz on Women’s Sports. Video / Comments 

Marni Goldman: EVERYONE has problems, no matter how things look from the outside, and each one of us needs to self-evaluate and choose to be happy and overcome these problems.  / Interview 

20 Year Old has to Clean Up a Damaged House. Article / Comments 

Richard Rush: Sports Predictor. Article / Interview

Car Reviews: 2023 VW Taos SEL 

Kurt Rogers:  Affordable Interest Mortgage The 2 biggest benefits of the Asset Manager. / Interview 

Larry Behrens – Power the Future, Details three “climate rules” that allow “experts,” activists, and media personalities to blame natural disasters on climate change even when ample evidence exists to the contrary./ Interview 

The Press on Hunter Biden. Article / Comments 

Casa Bonita. Article / Comments