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Show Notes

June 21, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Shawn with Extreme Auto Repair – Maintenance Schedule & Driving Habits. / Interview 

About the submersible looking for the Titanic / Comments

Katerina Lengold: Neuroscience influencer and the founder of NeuroIntegration Institute. Stress, are you in the red, green, or blue zone?  How to  “color-coding your brain.”/ Interview 

Richard Battle: “If Only” – How would your life be different “If Only?” / Interview 

Baby Bonus: PublicSq. is offering employees $5k bonuses when they have a baby or adopt a child to counter the ‘destructive’ push toward abortions.  Article The Low Birth Rate, Transgendersim  / Comments 

New Law for Natural Medicine. Article / Comments 

Aaron Rodgers coming to Colorado to talk about psychedelics  / Comments 

Dr. Darren Moore –  the psychological impact of being weighed down by student loans. Interview / Part 2  

New Colorado Laws Article / Comments 

John From Cheyenne called in about No Lables – the 12th Amendment.

Texas Rangers & Pride Night Article / Comments