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May 26

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Dr. Kelly and Steve House: Monkeypox, Crying Wolf, Vaccine Issues, Not Really a Pandemic, WHO, Follow the Money, Patents Before Covid /  Interview 

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Hour 2 Topics

John on Today’s White House press briefing – Biden Lies Article / Comments 

Jersey Joe called in about the massive amounts of mis and disinformation by The Press, Biden, and the White House. 

Mike called in about security at the schools and how it is affordable to protect the children. They are not interested in protecting people they are interested in disarming people. 

Bill in Lakewood called in about his wife who was a teacher for 45 years is trained to use a gun and how poorly the Uvalde school shooting was handled by the school and law enforcement.

Richard Rush called in about what the media is not covering on the Uvalde shooting and the responsibility of the school and the inaction of the police. 

Daryl who is traveling through from AZ called in that he is a security officer for a Jr. high in AZ and what they are doing to protect the children.  

Text Line: No new gun laws will stop this. Laws were already broken / Comments 

 Hour 3 Topics

Gregory Wrightstone, Author: Inconvenient Facts: The Science That Al Gore Doesn’t Want You To Know.  Biden Praises High Gas Prices as Part of ‘Incredible Transition’ /  Interview 

Greg Bloom from Barbers foods sent in info about the retail delivery fee. / Comments 

The Economy: Scott Garliss – Stansberry Research  Demand for gas: Article / Interview 

“Something I found very interesting was the cuts to disposable personal income and corporate profitability. In my book, neither of those are good.  They both lead to a drop in consumption, aka slowing growth.” – Scott Garliss  

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