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May 25, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

John’s comments on when he called into a talk show in regards to gun control.

Why a Health and Wellness Wednesday, the Value of Life, and Why Shootings Happen / Comments

The Lies We’re Teaching Young People / Comments

Elon Musk on Population  Article / Comments 

Home Allergies and Pollutants?  Trifo Home Robotics 

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 Hour 3 Topics

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Hour 1 Show Notes

Are You Sneezin’ and Wheezin’ but Don’t Know the Reason? 

Erin Matthews is a home hygiene and health educator for Trifo Home Robotics with Trifo Lucy AI Vacuum 


Tips for reducing your indoor allergens and pollutants: 

  • Mold inspection:  Do a little inspection for mold inside the house. The most common places to find it are on shower curtains, wallpaper, carpets, and the sink.  Mold also grows in the drain, which can be cleaned with bleach and detergent.  Additional steps to take: lower humidity in the home; don’t allow laundry to remain wet or damp; keep bathroom surfaces free of mold spores with vacuuming and mopping.  
  • Cockroach hunt:  Studies have found cockroach allergens to be present in at least half of inner-city homes and in nearly three-quarters of inner-city schools.  Cockroaches don’t have to be alive to trigger respiratory problems.  Dust containing molecules of crushed carcasses can still cause problems for humans.  Keep carpets and floors vacuumed and free of food crumbs.  Use bait and traps or hire an exterminator.  Fix any water leaks. 
  • Dry up dust mites:  Dust mites are tiny animals that can only be seen with a microscope. They feed off of tiny flakes of shed human skin and can be found in furniture, carpeting, bedding, and plush toys.  Fight them by reducing humidity, placing dust covers over mattresses and pillows, washing bedding in water at least 130 degrees. Vacuum carpets and mop floors regularly.    
  • Filter out animal dander:  A small HEPA air purifier placed in each room will keep airborne dander from spreading throughout the house.  Mice or other fur-bearing pests living under house or in the attic must be searched for and removed. 
  • New allergen-gobbling robots can extract in-home pollutants. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and featuring HEPA filtration, home robots by Trifo are able to keep carpets and floors 99.97 percent allergen-free without human intervention. The small but powerful robots automatically remove dirt, dust, pet and human hair, crumbs, mold spores, cockroach droppings and other pollutants to keep the home clean, safe, and healthy, 24/7.   

Symptoms: Most indoor allergies cause similar symptoms:  sneezing, runny nose, congestion, watery eyes, itchy eyes, and throat. 

When to seek treatment:  You should consult a healthcare provider anytime you have had bothersome or unrelieved symptoms lasting longer than a few weeks. 

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