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May 8

John Rush Host of Rush To Reason
John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Veteran’s Windows and Doors / Interview

Colorado Property Taxes, an Opinion on   Article / Comments 

Job ReportRob Wilson, President of Employco USA and employment trends expert:  The Bleak Truth Behind the Seemingly Strong Jobs Report. / Interview

Officer Matthew Mistretta, supported by The Pipe Hitter Foundation, faced 7 years in prison for arresting a murder suspect because a woke anti-cop Michigan AG is invoking George Floyd to score political points. Luckily he was found NOT GUILTY at trial, but he STILL faces a FEDERAL Lawsuit over the situation.  Interview 

Hail Storms: pointers on how to avoid hail damage, what to do if caught in hail, and what happens if you suffer a loss. Comments 

Richard Rush The Nuggets, Sports & The Woke Culture Comments 

Car Reviews 
2023 – Lexus ES 
2023 – Honda Accord Hybrid Sport Edition 

Kurt Rogers – AIMAffordable Interest Mortgage  With increasing taxes, is it going to affect home sales/values? Interview 

Shooting in Allen, TX / Comments