It’s done; it’s over. Yet power-hungry bureaucrats will not let it go because they gain so much power by having this order in play.

“When will Colorado end our nonsense? What I mean by that is there’s an article out today in Fox 31 When will Colorado end the covid 19 disaster declaration?” Because guess what, it’s been renewed yet again. So Governor Polis extended the covid 19 disaster declaration in the state back in August, which allows the state to be nimble in responding to the pandemic and access state and federal funds for combating the virus. The order was set to expire on September 16, but now the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has extended the public health order through October 9. It’s never going to end. And part of this is because they gain so much power…” – John Rush

Build Your Immune System

Dr. Kelly Victory Covid Vitamins

Your Chances of Surviving

“Dr. Kelly gave a litany of things you could do to keep your immune system up, which all the folks, by the way, hats off to all of you that followed that. By the way, I continue to get reports in from those of you that listen to what Doctor Kelly said and either have had very mild cases of covid, or when you did have covid, you came out of it just fine. Not saying that everybody that gets Covid, if they do that will be fine. By no means making a blanket statement, she would not do that either. But your chances of surviving anything virus related when your immune system is up is just common sense. That’s how it works.” – John Rush

She Hasn’t Been Wrong Yet

“We’ve talked about this every single week for an hour. And even when I’m not here, we replay the previous hours where we’ve had direct conversations with Doctor Kelly Victory, myself, and Steve House. Dr. Kelly, of course, being the expert in this, and by the way, for those of you that may not believe this that are on the left, there really hasn’t been anything Dr. Kelly’s been wrong on yet. I’ll repeat that out of everything we’ve talked about, even some of the predictions Dr. Kelly made in regards to covid, the response of and so on, she hasn’t been wrong yet. … We did nothing more than read the data, take a common sense approach to what was going on with Covid all the way through, responded accordingly.” – John Rush


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