COVID-19 Prevention Medication

An Interview with Dr. Brian Huber of Advanced Performance Technology 

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Your waiter looks well, but is he shedding? How can you protect yourself? 

How Can I Protect Myself from COVID-19? 

Healthcare company Advanced Performance Technology has announced the availability of a self-applied COVID-19 prevention medication.  Studies have shown the formulation able to safely and effectively neutralize viral infectivity within seconds of contact.     

The topical FDA-registered over-the-counter first aid antibiotic ointment, APTTX3, is applied inside the nasal passages by means of a cotton tip applicator. By coating the nasal passages with the ointment, a viral barrier is formed prohibiting viral attachment, penetration, and growth within nasal tissues (which is the PRIMARY SITE OF INFECTION) and thereby reducing the viral load of exposure.  The company says a single application of the ointment provides 10 to 12 hours of protection against infection.  

“In addition to masking, distancing, and hand hygiene, coating the nasal passages with APTTX3 is a safe and highly effective preventative strategy that provides an added layer of protection against all types of viral infectivity including SARS-CoV-2 and any viral variant,” says Dr. Brian Huber, chief executive officer and founder of Advanced Performance Technology. 

“Our goal is to decrease the number of viral particles that can enter into the body, and the key to controlling that is the nose – which is the primary point of entry for viruses attempting to enter the system (not through the mouth or eyes),” says Dr. Huber. “We never profess that we can stop all viruses from entering. We are attempting to eliminate most of them and decrease the individual’s load of viral exposure while allowing the individual to build up immunity to the germs his immune system comes in contact with.” 

Dr. Huber says the medication’s dramatic anti-viral and antibacterial efficacy is a result of the ointment’s synergistic combination of active ingredients — tetracycline and the proprietary APT formulation. 

“Current COVID vaccines are public health necessities. However, equally important is adding additional layers of protection, particularly given widely documented evidence of viral mutations and variants,” says Dr. Huber. 

“With no reported or documented side effects, requiring no needles or injections, being scalable and able to be self-administered once or twice daily, we consider the APTTX3 formulation to be an important new tool for stabilizing the long-term battle against the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA and globally,” says Dr. Huber.