A listener called in today about The Nazarene fund. Copied and photo from Glenn Beck’s Facebook post.

What is happening in #afghanistan has been so troubling to so many. Those who fought as well as those families that were left now without a husband, dad or mother – are asking “what did it all mean? Those who worry about those in Israel and Taiwan 🇹🇼 are asking – when do the thugs and monsters come for them. And the rest of us worry about, not just those who helped us that were left behind, but those women and girls who will now be raped by animals cloaked by “religion”.

This week, I have been also worried about those who are Christians, as they now have their religious affiliation on their identity papers (thanks Obama), who are just waiting to be raped or killed. Or worse yet, watch their wife and children be raped before they kill the father and brothers. There are 5000 Christians that The Nazarene Fund is aware of and that our sources on the ground know personally. They are marked for death. They dare not leave their homes. Today, I made a commitment to save as many as we can. 20 million is what we think it will take in logistics to get them to an airport, charter the planes and fly them to a safe country. We have two countries that are eager to welcome them. A third on stand-by. America, once again, is not one of them. That is okay – America is her people, not her politicians.

My audience has done something I never thought possible. In 4 hours they gave in 10’s 20’s and 100’s $5.8 million! I do not know a more generous and loving people. I am humbled by those who listen to my show! Get involved we are trying to raise this by Friday. Donate now TheNazerenefund.org or Mercuryone.org. 100% of your donation will go directly to this project. Hopefully some plane will begin tonight. Pray for all involved. The ground operators, pilots and the families themselves. Pray that US Gov barriers come down. Let’s change the world and do the right thing -TOGETHER! It is truly The Power Of One. And certainly if one stupid talk show host and his listeners can do this, surely the Administration can get the others that feel alone and betrayed out and home. #operationNazereneAfghan. #refugees