How Can Businesses Rebounding From COVID Raise Much-Needed Capital?

How Can Businesses Rebounding From COVID Raise Much-Needed Capital?

Strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for ways to raise capital post-COVID. 

Many businesses rebounding  from the COVID-19 pandemic are in need of additional capital to bolster their balance sheets. Startups trying to get off the ground in the post-pandemic world need the same thing. 

The good news for business owners and entrepreneurs is that money is available – but it’s not just sitting there waiting for them to come take it. 

 Michael Brette, J.D., founder, president and CEO of Small Cap Equity Advisors spoke with John about that there’s more than enough capital to assist almost every business but people miss out on it because they make a lot of mistakes or have a lot of misconceptions about raising capital. It does takes time and money, and people need to know how to do it legally.

Brette covers why a business plan isn’t enough, how to be strategic and why you have to be able to answer the investor’s “why” question.

“The question those investors want answered is: Why should I invest in your deal and why should I invest at this stage?” Brette says. “People will make these presentations and talk about their technology or other details, and put everybody to sleep. But they never answer the question of why should I pull out my checkbook and write you a check.” 

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