God, Jobs, Unemployment, and the Dignity of Work

God, Jobs, Unemployment, and the Dignity of Work

The Human Spirit Intertwined with Politics and Economics

A summary of John and Andy’s conversation on 5/21/21 hour 3

The Democrats are in the business of taking away the human spirit. The spirit that makes us want to be better, to do better, to achieve a goal, and make something out of ourselves. The Democrats want people to be needy. Not needed. If you are needed, then you have a purpose. This is exact math. The more you are needed in life, the higher feeling of purpose you have, the needier you are in life, you have a lower sense of purpose. One political party (Republicans) wants you as an individual to feel more purpose. The other (Democrats) desperately wants you to feel less purpose so that THEY feel more needed.

The top echelon of the Democratic party wants you to feel needy so that they feel needed. Contrary to a really good boss, they want their employees to feel needed, not needy. A really good boss wants their employees to be thinking, how can I make something better of myself? How can I do more, be more, achieve more for the business and for myself? And bad bosses Don’t give a damn about the self-worth of their employees. “Can anybody on any rung move themselves up, even if they’re not the owner of the said business?” Yes, you can. It’s called tenacity. It comes down to one thing. You have to outwork the guy next to you. That’s the only thing it takes to achieve the next rung. Outwork the guy or the gal next to you. And the Job comes first.

Never ever believe that people don’t have the ability to raise themselves up out of whatever situation they’re in. Because there are countless examples not only in this country but worldwide. Even in some of the most desolate of countries where these individuals with enough tenacity can raise themselves up. And most of the people that live in other countries that believe in the human spirit and working and achieving want to come here. Why? Because they know it’s the best opportunity for them to take what they do with their tenacity and achieve something in America. At least for now.

The only problem is the more we grow government here, the less opportunity there is. So never believe that people can’t lift themselves up. Because when you believe that they can’t what that really tells me is you have no faith in people at all. When people say things like that they are showing their hate for their fellow man because what you’re really saying is, “You’re too stupid to get yourself up off the bottom rung. I have to help you do it because you can’t do it yourself.”

My Thoughts: At the beginning of this segment, John and Andy spoke about how the Leftists hate God. Of course, they do. Saint Iranaeus was quoted as saying, “There is no greater glory to God than man being fully alive.” And if each individual is living up to the fullest of their abilities and God-given potential, God is being glorified. Destroy the Creator by destroying His creation.

Endnote: For those of you offended by the Saint Iranaeus quote from 320AD that uses the word “man,” it means humankind.