A Good Guy and What Was on Him

A Good Guy and What Was on Him

Good Guy with a Gun Story You Will Not See on the News:

 Provided by Jersey Joe: 

I recorded the 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM National news broadcasts for ABC, CBS, and NBC last night and this morning. I could not find where any of them ran this story about a good guy with a gun. A staff member engaged an armed shooter who had entered a children’s summer sports camp venue outside of Dallas, where 250 kids were inside. 

Quote from linked story:

The armed suspect entered through the complex’s main lobby doors and was confronted by a staff member who exchanged gunfire with him, Duncanville Police Department Assistant Chief Matt Stogner said at an afternoon news conference.”


While the first staffer kept the shooter engaged, a second staffer called the police, and others moved the children to a safer area of the venue. The police arrived and then shot and killed the gunman.

Now while this is an NBC story, they chose not to run it either last night or this morning, and it does not appear on their on-line “latest stories” page this morning.


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