So What’s the Problem with Oil

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Jersey Joe, “Once again Democrats are proposing a punitive  “Windfall profits tax” on oil companies in the form of a 50% tax surcharge on the profits they make on any oil they sell above a price of $66 per barrel.”  

Now we all realize that the oil-producing companies don’t set the price of a barrel of oil.  That is set by the commodity traders who bid against each other for those crude oil supplies.  The only thing the oil companies do is to sell their oil production to the highest bidder, something they have a fiduciary obligation to their shareholders to do.
So what is the message the Biden administration is sending to the oil Companies? To me it sounds like:

“Please produce more oil so we can punish you for doing it!”

Jersey Joe: Oil production and the Liberals.

David Holt, President, of Consumer Energy Alliance spoke about the Biden administration and how they are hurting Americans with their policies and slowing down the production of fuel.


Biden’s Energy Policies Enable  Putin’s Russia While UN Decries Global Threat from Climate Change 

Bonner R. Cohen –

The Biden Administration is hurting America’s Energy Independence

As Vladimir Putin’s forces unleash mayhem on Ukrainian cities and villages, the United Nations has chosen this moment in history to warn the world of impending doom – not from Putin’s tanks and missiles, but from manmade climate change.

“Climate change is killing people,” said Helen Adams, King’s College London and co-author of the latest UN report on climate change, released four days after Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine. 

The Biden administration shares this view.

It takes a lot of money to invade a country the size of Ukraine, and the Biden administration has been bankrolling Russia and China by suppressing fossil-fuel production in the U.S., thereby driving up the global price of oil and natural gas to the benefit of oil and gas exporter Russia and to the benefit of China, which has a tight grip on the materials that go into wind turbines and solar panels  

Biden is determined to force-feed Americans in the name of combating climate change.

In doing so, Biden has redirected petrodollars to Putin’s war machine and strengthened an ascendant China.

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