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Show Notes

December 6, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dave – Veteran Windows and Doors  / Interview 

Katrina McKinney-Kimble: Men’s Health NetworkHow Can Men Survive the Added Financial Pressure of the Christmas Season In the Biden Economy? Ho, Ho, Holy Stress! Maintaining Mental Wellness During The Holidays. / Interview 

Merry & Bright, Not Sick in Bed: Dr. Michael Garko‘s Plan for a Healthy Holiday Season. / Strauss Naturals / Interview

Why eating red meat and dairy could actually prevent cancer. Article / Comments  


Richard Battle: Who Will See You as Their Lone Ranger? Three Lessons He Teaches that are Still Important. / Interview

School Assigned Girl to Sleep With Boy Who Identifies as Trans Without Parental Notification. Article / Comments 

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate FreedomThe Rise of Antisemitism at MIT. Article / Article / Interview  / Follow-up Comments


David Stryzewski, CEO of Sound Planning Group: A US recession has been delayed, not derailed. The world economy is slowing down, with Germany and Japan in recession, the UK and Canada facing housing market collapse, and China experiencing a massive slowdown. / Interview 

Mike from Aurora called in about the interview with David Stryzewski and the economy. 

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment: FCC Chair’s Bad Wi-Fi Is Not a Reason to Regulate the Internet. Article / Interview 

Mike called in with a book suggestion, The Forgotten Man. 

Who or what really died at Auschwitz? / Comments / Part 2