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Show Notes

December 4, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Bruce Simmons American Liberty MortgageReverse Mortgages / Interview 

Joe Biden & Inflation Audio  / Comments / Part 2 

Rebecca Chopp, Ph.D. Four and a half years ago, Rebecca Chopp was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s.  She was then 67 years old and the chancellor of the University of Denver.  She was told in six months, she would not be able to button her blouse.  Instead of denying it or going home to give in to the disease slowly, Rebecca chose to fight. /Interview / Follow-up Comments 

Durbin and Epstein  Article / Comments 

 HOUR 2 

True Costs of Electric Vehicles – Jason Isaac, Founder of the American Energy Institute. / Interview  /  Follow-up Comments 

Richard Rush – Sports Update. / Interview  / Part 2 


The Housing Market and Scare tactics of the media. Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage.  / Interview

Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State School Superintendent, is pushing against the Radical Left’s agenda. / Interview 

Brad called in about George Santos and the future of the GOP. 

Tactics of the GOP that don’t work. / Comments