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Show Notes

November 21, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dr. Scott FaulknerCastle Rock Regenerative Healthcare Health Savings Accounts, His Practice, How Covid Changed Things, and Big Pharma Co-Oped Med Schools. / Interview 

Dr. Michael Garko’s Plan for a Healthy Holiday Season with Expert Advice to Help Boost Your Immune System. Strauss Naturals / Interview 



Spatchcocking a Turkey Chardrick with Raise Tech. / Interview  / Part 2 

“Transhumanism: The End Game”Laura Aboli /What John has Been Saying in 10 Years, Laura said in 4 minutes.  Comments  / Part 2 

The Upward Program – Don’t Keep Score/ Comments  

Argentia And Other Countries. / Comments

Joe Biden – Another Mess-Up (Taylor Swift)  Video / Comments – The Political Spectrum 


Elon Musk’s xAI & TruthGPT: Tabitha ScottTabitha is a venerated business futurist who steers Fortune 500 companies through rapid currents of change using nature’s time-honored patterns to spur growth. Author of “POWERING CHANGE” / Interview 

Mike called in about the Tabitha Scott Interview and Elon Musk. 

Jersey Joe called in about Data Collection, what a Valuable Asset it is, and Facial Recognition. “If There is No Price Tag on it, You are the Product.” 

Eyes on the Economy with Scott Garliss – Porter and Company Research: Inflation Coming Down the Sign of a Slowing Economy, Gas Prices,  AAAU Gold Ticker Symbol, Last month CPI data fell to 3.2%, Investors, Borrowing Money, Interest Rates, and the FED.  / Interview