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Show Notes

November 8, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Vaccines and Travelers



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EV Vehicles

Are not about the environment. Comments here.


Virginia’s Election Results

Tim Phillips –   President for Americans for Prosperity

Tim Phillips issued the following statement on Virginia’s election results and what it means for Biden’s policies and the midterms moving forward:

“Virginians had a clear choice in this election – further empower the government or start to empower the people. Their message was crystal clear. Glenn Youngkin inspired Virginians with a positive alternative to an overreaching government seeking control over virtually every aspect of our lives and the future we are building for our children. This was a referendum on the partisan agendas being pushed by ideologues who have completely lost touch with concerns of everyday Americans. Glenn Youngkin spoke to what people truly care about; making life more affordable, getting people back to work, and putting people back in control of their lives. Leaders in Washington should pay close attention to the message that was sent tonight in Virginia.”

Intro comments here.

Interview here.


Vaccine Mandates

Alex Kuehler – RNC Southwest Regional Communications Director





  • For months, the Biden administration repeatedly said it did not have the power to impose nationwide vaccine mandates, with Biden’s team saying such actions would be unprecedented, likely illegal, and an invasion of privacy.
  • Despite these previous comments, Biden has now released an unconstitutional vaccine mandate that will affect more than 100 million Americans.
    • This mandate will impact small businesses across the country that are already struggling with a worker shortage and supply chain crisis.
    • Small businesses with less than 100 workers aren’t in the clear either, as the Biden administration is leaving the door open to expanding the mandate to cover them.
  • This divisive and unconstitutional decree is built on Biden’s broken promises and lies to the American people.
  • Biden campaigned on the promise that he would “shut down the virus,” get answers on the pandemic’s origins, and not make vaccines mandatory – none of which he has followed through on.

Interview here.


G Reminders

Mark Hill – Value Your Time

Discount Link.

GReminders Announces Intelligent Appointment Reminders. Article here.

Interview here.


Energy Secretary’s Answer on Gas Prices Leaves Us SPEECHLESS

Comments here.
Part 2 here.  – What do you think the bike is made out of?
Part 3 here.  – Going to cost the Left their next election.


Richard Rush

Save the Sunshine Act. Article here.

Car Reviews

Hyundai Elantra – 2021 1.6 4 cyl engine

Website here.
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2021 Highlander – 3rd Row Seating

Website here.

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Broncos Vs. the Cowboys and other NFL news.

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Joined the Conversation

Mark texted in with energy questions. Comments here.


Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage talked about the possibility of home prices flattening out.

Interview here.


Second Amendment

Stephen Willeford is a second amendment advocate and member of the Second Amendment Foundation and his Website is The Barefoot Defender

“Based on the questions asked by Supreme court Justices during oral arguments in the Second Amendment case brought against NY State (which severely restricts the issuance of concealed carry permits), it would appear that the court might be ready to overturn those severe restrictions that exist in states like NY and NJ.

Even moderate Chief Justice John Roberts at one point pressed New York’s solicitor general about the breadth of the law that requires an individual to show “proper cause” before obtaining such a license in locations typically open to the general public, even in rural areas.

“How many muggings take place in a forest?” Roberts asked.

“Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area?” Kavanaugh asked. Barrett suggested the law passed legal muster under the court’s landmark 2008 decision that held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.” Full article here.  

BareFoot Defender YouTube Channel.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) Website.

Interview here.
Follow-up comments here. The good guy with the gun.

Joined the Conversation

Craig from Wheat Ridge called in about an accident on I70 and supply chain issues, high gas prices, and how the Biden Administration doesn’t care. Plus the Climate Change Alarmist Conversation. John on how a coal power plant works.