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Show Notes

October 11, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day is not a holiday the U.S. — and Italian Americans — should celebrate

“We need to stop trying to salvage a holiday that brings us no glory while reinforcing the pain of the descendants of the people Christopher Columbus exploited.”  Article here.

Comments here on why those types of headlines are wrong.

Dave in Thorton called in about Columbus Day and the Left trying to tear down those things that made America, America. He also talked about the history of slavery and Howard Zinn.

Craig from Wheatridge called in about Colorado Cabrini Day, the Red Skins, and who wins under communism.



—-Announcing a Peaceful Protest at Westminster City Hall (in the parking lot) tomorrow, Monday 10/11/21, 5:30-7:30!  

(Safety info- This will be a peaceful protest and this event is all outdoors. Please bring signs and flashlights. FYI- we have access to the restrooms at the police station.) 

Questions? please contact: Jess True, jesstrue@mac.com, 720-581-0681  

John’s comment’s here

Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in on why you don’t want muni-utilities. They create an under-the-table slush fund. 

The 86 Restaurant Struggle

Andrew Gruel: an American chef and television personality

The supply of labor and perishable goods and how the restaurant industry is suffering from a lack of both. The globalist mindset is not the answer.

All of the funds raised will by the 86 Restaurant Struggle will be redistributed directly to restaurant workers, via checks and electronic platforms, who have either lost their job or are in need of a small leg-up to cover rent payments, medical bills, childcare, or any other day-to-day help.  A backend admin team of volunteers will double-check and confirm references, previous employers, and more to ensure the process is honest and transparent.

Interview here

What’s Going On at the Ports?

Comments here on why there is a backlog. And what broke the pipeline?


Sports, Car Reviews, and More

Richard Rush

Truck shortages because of CA emissions laws.

CA Moves to Ban Gas Lawnmowers and Leaf Blowers. Article here

Interview here.


2021 Camry Hybrid




Q60 Luxe 




Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage talked about “Tag Teaming” to buy a home. How does that work? 

Interview here

September’s Jobs Report

Paris Dennard – RNC Spokesman 

This jobs report comes as a recent Quinnipiac poll shows only 39 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. 

Interview here

Joined the Conversation

Diane in Denver is a healthcare worker who has been removed from the work schedule, filed a religious exemption her story here

Jersey Joe

From the pen of Jersey Joe: If you need a good laugh this morning, just visit any liberal Facebook site where you will find hundreds of comments by delusional liberals attempting to explain away why Biden is not responsible for the dismal September jobs report that came out this morning (184K net new jobs vs 500K expected).  Comments include: 

Janice Martin 

I’m going to give a cause for this. Merchandise stuck at ports or on ships. Businesses don’t need stockers or sales employees if they don’t have merchandise. Go into any Walmart, Dollar General, hardware store. They are all full of empty, unstocked shelves. Get the National Guard or Army out to move the bottlenecks. This is going to destroy commerce this year. I realize that this is a socialized solution for a capitalistic problem but if we can use the military to get oil, we can use them to save the economy. People have money to spend but nothing to spend it on. 

Jessy Callis 

Republicans got too many people killed with their nonchalance with covid. 

Iris Cobb 

One issue is child care I heard a report today that over a million moms have not returned to the workforce because of lack of child care. Many centers have not fully reopened due to a lack of staffing. They can’t afford to pay workers competing pay and still keep costs low enough so it is affordable. 

PLUS: Destroying Childhood Icons, Getting rid of Talented and Gifted Programs, molnupiravir – a pill to treat Covid. 

Hedge fund manager stands to profit on ‘flip’ of taxpayer-funded coronavirus drug. Article here

Removing underwriting criteria for a future with lots of debt. 


Interview here