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Show Notes

October 12, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

America’s Money Answerman

Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Answerman 

The rising oil prices with a barrel now over $80 and natural gas prices up 150% so far this year! Impact on the economy, inflation, and markets.

State of the soft and hard infrastructure bills which are supposed to be voted on by the end of October.

Weak unemployment numbers and still over 11 million unfilled jobs at the same time.   

Bitcoin surging to over $57K—why and what’s next?

Crumbling of China’s real estate markets as Evergrande defaults and its impact on the world’s economy.

Ways to get equity out of your home without taking out a HELOC loan—shared equity appreciation programs. Have you ever wanted to get cash out of your home without taking on more debt? Click here.

Interview here.

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Education is Expensive, Even for Colleges.

Steve Miller – Real Clear Investigations

Colleges Learn Costly Woke Math in Courtroom School of Hard Knocks. Article here

As they reel from pandemic losses, colleges are racking up other costs not likely to turn up as line items on staggering tuition bills: untold millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements for allegedly violating the rights of students, professors, and applicants as schools pursue social justice causes.  

Harvard’s legal costs fighting a continuing 2017 challenge to its racial admissions practices have surpassed $25 million.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill spent more than $16.8 million by the end of 2018 and its costs have only grown as it, like Harvard, continues defending admissions allegedly favoring blacks and Hispanics over whites and Asians.

Challenges to alleged free-speech violations continue to grow. The University of California San Diego in 2019 paid nearly $1 million after a four-year court fight over its move to defund student media because of a school newspaper piece satirizing “safe spaces.”   

In sexual misconduct cases where the schools lose, the average settlement imposed is $750,000, costing universities $41 million annually.

Behind the litigation: pushback against a growing “administrative bloat” of aggressive school bureaucrats, who now outnumber faculty 2 to 1 at public universities, double the ratio in the 1970s. 

Interview here.


Biden and His Kind of America

Has Biden created an America where people don’t want to work? Entitlement, Dependency, and the New American Workforce. It’s all by design because they don’t want a good economy. The Left wants people dependent on the government. 

John and Andy’s comments here.


Joined the Conversation

Melissa from Adams County: the Biden administration wants everyone to turn to the government for help. There are those on the flipside. Comments here.

A listener texted in a comment about if your over 60 lost your job due to covid can’t get a job.

John from Cheyenne called in about allergy relief on the way. It’s getting colder.  New truck drivers driving in the mountains.

UPDATE: Truck driver convicted in Colorado pileup that killed 4. Article here from 10/15/2021

Texted in: New Rules for CDL Liscenses. Comments here.

Jim called in about truck driver education.

Is Atheism Really Dead?

John Zmirak  – The Stream

John Zmirak Interviews Eric Metaxas: Is Atheism Really Dead? Or Is It Just Pining for the Fjords? Article here.

Interview here.


The Appalling Moral Failure of Francis Collins 

John G. West, VP and Sr. Fellow at the Discovery Institute 

Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has announced his intention to step down at the end of 2021 after more than 12 years heading the agency. The accolades are already rolling in. Noted evangelical political commentator David French, for example, rushed to praise Collins as “a national treasure.”

But Collins’s real legacy is anything but praiseworthy, and the tendency of figures in the faith community to ignore his real record is far from admirable. This year of all years should have made the truth about Francis Collins clear. Last month, documents were released suggesting that top NIH officials may have lied when they denied that the NIH had funded “gain of function” research in Wuhan, China, that could have resulted in a pathogen that could infect humans. Full Article here.

Interview here.


Bible Study: Questioning One’s Faith

Andy on False Prophets: comments here.


The Garland List

Merrick Garland Has a List, and You’re Probably on It: His ‘society offenders’ now include parents who object to critical race theory and Covid-19 restrictions. Article here.

And who works for who?

Comments here.

Romans 13 and its misuse. John’s comments here.


Southwest needs to hire more pilots. And are their pilots liberating the country?
OSHA – Go Pound Sand
Comments here.