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Show Notes

September 7, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Schumé Navarro co-hosted with John today and she is running for Cherry Creek School Board. Website Here.

Tri-County Health Meeting

Schumé Navarro was on the zoom meeting call about making the vaccines mandatory. Overwhelming they said no to mandates but Tri-County did not listen to the majority of the professionals.
How is mandating an untested vaccine moral and ethical?
What are the stats to get and die of covid?

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Provided by Google

Died of covid even with a co-morbidity, 40 million cases rounding up to 650,000 deaths

Total Cases US – .114 or 11.4%
Total Deaths US – .016 or 1.6%
Total Deaths vs Population – .0019 or 0.19%

Joined the Conversation

Craig called in about the Israeli study and why are we pushing the vaccine to someone who has already had covid? And the “crap sandwich”  answer Craig was given by a doctor.
John’s comments on why doctors push vaccines and how their jobs depend on them.

Christians and the Vaccine

It is not your Christian duty to get vaccinated. Covid fear-mongering. Tainted/political science. The death rate in dying in a car accident is higher than covid. Stop posting Romans 13.

Extra Related Article on Romans 13: “One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that ‘an unjust law is no law at all.'” – Martin Luther King Jr. from the Birmingham jail. Romans 13 is not a manifesto on the divinely ordained power of the state, and it does not call for absolute obedience to civil authorities. Instead, it offers a provisional account of the limits of civil authority for all people of conscience. – From the article

What happened to the Constitution and what is the government’s job?

America’s Church Leaders and the COVID Vaccine Betrayal

Extra: From 8/24/21 Show

Innocent as Serpents, Wise as Doves: America’s Church Leaders and the COVID Vaccine Betrayal. Article here.
John Zmirak – Stream joins John and Andy about the Covid “vaccine”, Trump, immigration, closing the Churches, Some Bishops are refusing religious exemptions.
Interview here

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Joined the Conversation

Craig called back in about a good experience at Franktown Firearms.  The CDC was discouraging people from traveling over labor day weekend but travel was back to pre-covid levels. Vaccination passport needed in NYC.  Forcing employees to get vaccinated. No unemployment for those who leave their job due to the vaccine mandate.


Jersey Joe

New York Times crap Covid data on Florida. The Rolling Stones article.

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It Just Doesn’t Seem Right.

Anytime the government is trying to force something on the citizenry, it’s time to ask questions.

Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study. Article here.

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Joined the Conversation

Mike called in and the unemployment benefits are over and guess what happened?

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Dr. Scott Jensen

Website here.

Running for Minnesota Governor. Has been critical of the CDC and how covid is being handled.

Rolling Stone Article: We’ve got to talk about the Rolling Stone ivermectin article. Turns out the story about rural hospitals so flooded with ODs that they couldn’t treat other patients was made up, entirely invented. Article here.

Ivermectin – COVID Treatments

Ivermectin use surges despite no evidence it treats COVID-19. So why are people still taking it? Article here.
Ivermectin–Widely Used To Treat Covid-19 Despite Being Unproven–Is Being Studied In The U.K. As A Potential Treatment. Article here.

Interview here.

Joined the Conversation

Medical Freedom

Katie called in about her son with a disability and how when it comes to medical freedom we should all be on the same side. This will affect you someday.  John commented on how anyone who spoke about how to prevent or treat covid outside of a vaccination were silenced.  Kaite went on about how they had to take personal responsibility to protect their premature son. The denial of medical care that is happening and how we are on a slippery slope.  Approximately 280,000 will die due to Dr. error per year.


Full Stadiums for College Football

Richard Rush’s comments here.


Car Review

Future of the automotive world: Cadillac Escalade with the Super Cruise feature. – Self Driving

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Joined the Conversation

Tito called in.  Will sporting events become superspreaders?  Asymptomatic people do not spread covid.


Giving Parents a Voice

Schumé Navarro is running for Cherry Creek School Board. Website Here.

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Pro-Life Vigilantism: Why Not?

If You’re Going to Start a Revolution.

John Zmirak 

“I remember the rage we pro-lifers felt when the Supreme Court issued the dishonest, almost nihilistic Planned Parenthood v. Casey. It asserted that the most basic American principle — liberty — demanded that the state remain agnostic about when life begins, and whether that new life has value. This in a government system that clearly defines the moment of death. And bans all other forms of invidious age discrimination. And in countless ways cites “state interest” in interfering with our bodily sovereignty — on every issue from prostitution to drug use, from vaccination status to the minimum wage we’re allowed to work for.”  Article here.

A Public Health Dictatorship
Using Scripture to Guilt People in Getting the Vaccine
Doctors over God?
Profiting from an Innocent Child.
Unknown Side effects of the Covid Vaccine. Are you one of their subjects?
Fauci Lied People died.

Interview here.


Cherry Creek School Board

Schumé Navarro co-hosted with John today and she is running for Cherry Creek School Board. Website Here.
The election is on November 2. Ballots out October 8
Against CRT and when in high school as a Hispanic person was brought into the district to give it more diversity. 

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We Still Live in America 

John and Schumé’s comment here on how you can still go out on your own and be self-employed. And how to help younger people start their own business. The government doesn’t like the self-employed because it is harder to control the independent. Touched on how the educators belittle the parents in school board meetings. The shunning of the person who has … 


Joined the Conversation

John from Blackhawk called and touched on Schumé’s comments on parenting, families, and marriages.
Teach your kids to think for themselves. 
How churches let the public schools fill the vacuum on sex education.
Parenting- pay for it now or pay for it later.
Honoring the family.