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August 18, 2021

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Greg Bloom – Barber’s foods 

With Corporate Chef – Adamo – from Italy 


Olive Oil Tip: Extra virgin olive oil – green in color – darker is better if you can find it.  1st cold press – not what you need 


A light layer of olive oil 
Cover with very thin lemon 
375-400 oven temp 
Sprinkle salt over the salmon 
Cook for 10 min 
Pair with rice or a nice side salad 

More at Barbers Foods


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How We Became AmeriCANS instead of AmeriCAN’TS 

Richard Battle

“Despite the AmeriCANT effort in Afghanistan, I think most people want us to be AmeriCANS,” – Richard Battle

Our CAN-DO Attitude is in our genes and makes us exceptional!

1.     Columbus – 1492
2.     Pilgrims at Plymouth – 1620
3.     Boston Tea Party – 1773
4.     Lexington and Concord 4/19/1775
5.     Declaration of Independence – 1776
6.     Trenton – Christmas 1776
7.     Constitution – 1787
8.     Lewis and Clark – 1804-1806
9.     Alamo and San Jacinto – 1836
10.  Civil war ended our largest failure
11.  Promontory point – 1869
12.  WW I and II
13.  Kennedy and Apollo 11
14.  Reagan – Optimism and Inspiration. Light on a hill.
15.  People throughout the world want what we have

  1. Individual liberty
  2. Economic and political freedom
  3. Free us to achieve great dreams that benefit all
  4. There is NO political freedom without economic freedom! Private property rights


16.  We should revere our unique gift.

  1. Preserve & teach our children
  2. Return the favor to future generations.
  3. Stand up-Show Up-Speak Up- Stay up
  4. No one can do everything, but each of us can do 1 thing!

17.  Its WE THE PEOPLE who make America! NOT the government!
18.  Be encouraged, and encourage others!
19.  Our parents, and forbears endured and overcame tougher challenges!
20.  AmeriCANS lead us to victory and achievement. AmeriCANT’S lead us to defeat and dishonor!
21.  ONLY if we quit, do we lose!


Dr. Carole Liberman 

Dr. Carole discussed: 
The psychological impact that the US fleeing Afghanistan is having on those who fought and those who lost loved ones in the war. 
How this humiliating defeat will impact the mental health of Americans 
The mentality of a terrorist (Dr. Carole has written two books on this). 
How the imminent approach of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is causing millions of Americans to be filled with anxiety (especially now as the Taliban and Al Qaeda are emboldened). 

BIO: Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H (‘America’s Psychiatrist’)  is a board-certified Beverly Hills psychiatrist and author of two award-winning books on terrorism, Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted, and Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My: How to Protect Your Child In a Time of Terror. Website: www.terroristtherapist.com 

Previous TV Clip: Talking to Kids About Terrorism 


Hour 3 SoundCloud


Kurt Rogers – AIM

With all you hear about rates being historically low – are there reasons not to refinance now?
What about those loans that are advertised without closing cost?
What kind of closing costs are there on a standard loan?
Credit score – importance – cost
When purchasing in this competitive market – how do I get through all the offers?
How do I handle an appraisal gap?

Article Headlines & Click Bait. 



August 18, 2021
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