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Show Notes

August 14, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Premier Home Remodels with Brian and Wade. / Interview  

HOA Foreclosures Article / Comments  / Part 2 Mark from Black Forest / Part 3 

Joe Biden & Hunter’s foreign business deals. Peder Zane with RealClearPolitics. Article / Interview 

Hour 2

Intelligent.com survey finds that 4 in 10 business leaders believe recent college graduates are unprepared to enter the workforce. Article / Comments

Richard Rush: Maui and Poor Warning System that did not work. / Interview  / Part 2 – Conspiracy Theories

Car Reviews
2023 Toyota Prius
2023 Chevy Trax Activ 

Hour 3 

Kurt Rogers – Affordable Interest Mortgage:  What is more important when looking at financing a mortgage, the interest rate or the effective rate ? / Interview 

Misdemeanor charges against Hunter Biden for failing to report millions in income. Article / Comments 

Federal judge orders Southwest Airlines attorneys to attend ‘religious-liberty training’ from a conservative group. Mark Mix with National Right to Work Committee.  / Interview 

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez pledge to donate $100 million to Maui wildfire relief. Article / Comments 

John From Cheyenne called in about the Maui fire and how the news reporting turned political. 

Vivek on LGBTQ. Article / Comments 

Ending Comments on what makes conservatives look stupid.