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Show Notes

August 8

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Anwerman: unemployment numbers, The FED raised rates, earnings of the big tech companies, Hollywood strike of writers and actors, Artificial intelligence continues to grow dramatically, Growth in EVs is causing problems, the big 7 investments. China Exports FallPfizer COVID Booster – Crashes to Earth  / Interview 

DeSantis replaced his campaign manager. Article / Comments 

Tito called in about DeSantis and stated that Trump lost. 

What does Trump need to do to win? / Comments / Part 2 

Every talk show has an angle. / Comments 

A listener emailed about being a big Trump supporter and him losing the election. / Comments 

Andy called in about the biggest change the GOP needs to make. 

Recap on Trump and his base. / Comments  

CO GOP, automatic decision, proxy voting, and Robert’s Rules. / Comments 

Conrad called in about the CO GOP meeting and the proxy vote. 

Open Primaries, how to use them, and how to win./ Comments 

Polis and Freedom. Why John disagrees with the author. Article / Comments 

Qualifying Colorado residents can get EV rebates. Article / Comments 

The government has no money. / Comments