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Show Notes

July 31, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

NEW KLZ Radio Site / Comments 

San Francisco has launched a massive safety investigation into the “X” while letting criminals go free. Article / Comments

Human Border Collie. Article / Comments 

Joe Biden – More Troubles. Article / Comments 

S.1409 – Kids Online Safety Act. Article / Comments

Let Them Live with Nathan Berning, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board. No mom should have to choose between paying her bills or her baby’s life. / Interview

Facial recognition on applying for a credit card. – Jersey Joe. / Interview

Kenny Xu, author of School of Woke: How Critical Race Theory Infiltrated American Schools and Why We Must Reclaim Them. / Interview / follow-up comments 

New Report Shows Full-Size Trucks Have Highest Theft Rate. Article / Comments 

Richard Rush: CU & Sports. Interview 

Car Reviews

2023 Lexus RZ450E Luxury 

2023 BMW XM $165,895 

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage. How much home can you buy, how much money down, and What’s included in their mortgage payment?  / Interview 

X – Elon Musk and sign violations. Article / Comments 

Energy Industry Fears White House Will Declare Covid Like Climate Emergency.  Article / Comments  /   Follow-up Comments 

ChatGPT is helping workers be more productive. / Comments 

Staying in Colorado – the Headquarters of Space Command / Comments