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Show Notes

June 12, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Al Smith  – Golden Eagle Financial, Retirement Planning, Social Security,  Asset Sharing between Parents and Children, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and More / Interview 

Trump Inditement. Document / Comments  / Part 2 & the Mar a Largo Raid 

Craig called in on a two-tier justice system. / Comments

Mark called in about the Trump inditement and classified documents. 

David S. Heeren, Author: Year Of Our Lord: What would Jesus do today? / Interview 

Comments from text line on Trump. 

Nearly a Third of Adults under 30 Support Government Surveillance in Their Homes. Article / Comments 

Text line comments on Freedom and Responsibility. 

Richard Rush on Sports and the Nuggets – Game 5 tonight. Comments  

24 Hours of Le Mans. Comments

Car Review of 2023 Acura Integra

Why John cannot go to the Nuggets’ Game and the difference sports make. 

Conrad called in about the Nuggets and Le Mans race

Kurt Rogers Affordable Interest Mortgage Are homes appreciating or depreciating?  Who’s right? Important numbers coming this week – Tues – Thurs – how will it affect the market? Interview 

Stolen Cars and Stolen Titles. Comments 

Christian Internet Filtering Service Vows To Keep Children Safe From Potential Grooming By Pride Month-Engaged Websites.  Michael Lee Mason founder of Free Filtering.org / Interview / Part 2 

George Soros Hands Control to His 37-Year-Old Son. Article / Comments / Part 2 

Young Americans Adopting Fake British Accents Article / Comments