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Show Notes

June 11

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Jordan Goodman – America’s Money Answerman:

The Federal Reserve’s next move is critical—will they cut rates or hold steady, given the strong May unemployment numbers? (Jobs Report / Biden’s Job Report /U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) European political shifts have caused markets to plummet, with right-wing victories in the European Parliament elections stirring upheaval in Austria, Belgium, and France. What’s behind these changes?

French President Macron has dissolved the lower Parliament, leaving many to wonder about the implications for France. Meanwhile, the NASDAQ has hit a new record, with Nvidia surpassing Apple in market value, and Apple announcing Apple Intelligence. What do these developments mean for the tech industry? In sports, the NBA is set to sign a $76 billion TV deal with NBC, ESPN, and Amazon, a move that will reshape sports broadcasting.

In New York, Governor Hochul has paused congestion pricing, a decision that surprised many. What are the implications for New York businesses? Additionally, OPEC has extended oil production cuts. How will this impact the global economy? Finally, meme stocks like Gamestop are heating up again, with Etrade considering removing Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty. What’s next for these volatile stocks?


Follow-up comments from the first hour: Biden, Europe, Hunter, and what will the Democratic Party do? CO’s housing market. EU and Hunter Biden. Article / Comments 

RNC & DNC Convention. / Comments 

The Colorado Trumpet – give me a break! Dave Williams & CO GOP/ Comments 

When Dave Williams was Vice-Chair of …. he said … Andy’s 7 points on Dave Williams / Comments 


Vinnie Vernuccio, President and Co-Founder at the Institute for the American Worker. Alabama Mercedes-Benz Employees Declined to Unionize. The UAW May Win Anyway. With help from the Biden administration. / Interview 

Jerzee Joe  on Jeff Crank, a conservative talk show host, what happened during COVID, and his candidacy. / Interview 

Should Dave Williams be given a pass to run for office? / Comments 

What would Andy do if he were the Chair of CO GOP? / Comments 

What Trump is doing compared to What is Dave Williams doing? The RHINO Watch /  Comments 

What business was Dave Williams in?  / Comments