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Show Notes

June 5, 2023

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

High Five Plumbing: Sump Pumps and Outdoor Kitchen Gas Lines. / Interview 

Randy Corporon’s Wife, Tana  / Comments 

What is a Woman? What about God?   Tweet / Comments / Part 2 

Mark Burrellauthor of Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadmap to Restore America.  Talked about the Three Controversial Topics from a Biblical Perspective. The Border, The Trans, The Debt Ceiling. / Interview 

Biden issuing a 20-year ban on oil drilling on lands near the Navajo Nation. Article / Comments 

This is why Trump cannot be our guy. Article / Comments 

Jersey Joe called in about Trump. 

Richard Rush: On the World of Sports. / Interview 

Car Reviews
2023 Infiniti QX80 Sensory 4WD
2023 Toyota GR86 Auto Trans
2023 Toyota Supra Manual Transmission

Kurt Rogers Affordable Interest Mortgage  Property Tax Appeals – due by Thursday! / Interview 

JD called in about the housing market and the property values, and the taxes.

How to avoid an autobody repair scam. /  Comments 

Appeal of the Gallagher Amendment and higher property taxes / Comments 

Pride Month & the Media. / Comments 

How to appeal your property taxes / Comments / Part 2