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Show Notes

May 12, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Steve House: From the Continued Push of Remdesivir to Fauci’s Bonus / Article / Interview 

Bob in Thorton called in about homemade baby formula, and why are our resources leaving the country. 

John’s comments on how we can help everyone overseas but what about the homeland and who’s to blame. 

Biden Administration has the FBI going after parents for speaking at school board meetings. Article / Comments  Part 2  


Hour 2 Topics

Katharine & Robyn with K&R Home Transitions: They aren’t afraid to “get their hands dirty” to help clients in difficult financial situations position their homes to sell for a higher price.

How to use your home as a financial tool.
Facing a Foreclosure? 
Selling your home and how to avoid unnecessary taxes.
Home record keeping.


 Hour 3 Topics

Girl kidnapped from Mav’s Game / Article / Comments 

Salvatore “Sal” Stile: Supply Chain Expert, Founder and President of Alba Wheels Up® International. / Interview  

Why most cruise ships do not fly a US flag and where are the leftists?  / Comments 

Scott Garliss: Stansberry Research  The current economic plan sounds like an economy killer / Interview 

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