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Show Notes

May 11

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Fraud and Scammers, Stolen Identity / Comments 

Christine Hronec / Book: Unlock Your Macro Type  /  YouTube Channel / Article: Why People Say They Can’t Hit Their Fitness Goals Interview   

Dr. Rebecca Jackson with Brain Balance on  Decision fatigue   Interview 

Follow-up Comments on Brain Health

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Hour 2 Topics

Richard Battle:  Persevere Every Day, In Every Way, Until the Very End / Interview 

Crime on the Rise, Downtown Denver boycott and DIA Auto thefts = The Left in Power / Comments  

Bob called in about more trouble for Downtown Denver and inflation 

Bob’s idea on what to do about homelessness and John’s remarks.

Drew Allen: Abortion is death for the unborn but life for the Democratic Party Article / Interview 

 Hour 3 Topics

John D. Kuhns, author of They Call Me Ishmael on Taiwan and Chinese warplanes / Interview 

Robert Kiyosaki video on money and did college prepare you? / Comments

John’s How-To on reducing inflation and fixing the economy

Craig called in about different octane fuels, EVs & John commented about the Liberals in automotive journalism.

SCOTUS: Picketing in front of their homes/ Law reference  / Comments

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Hour 3 Show Notes

Reducing Inflation and Fixing the Economy

John’s How-To on reducing inflation and fixing the economy


Stop this madness called Green Energy – start calling it alternative energy  – yes we should work toward newer technology but we still need oil and gas to meet the demands of today and the immediate future

Use ONE blend of fuel from coast to coast starting now and the next five years – let’s see if the different blends really do make a difference – I am betting they don’t

Fix the Supply Chain problems we have in this country – this is a show in itself

Incentivize the Manufacturing and Invention of products in this Country

Stop the spending – stop promising handouts

Put a time limit on Welfare and get people back to work

Cut taxes on net taxpayers and make those that pay nothing – pay something – stop the free ride

Stop unnecessary regulations on business