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Show Notes

May 3, 2021

Opening Comments

Andy Guest hosted for John today.

Do you want Aaron Rogers in Colorado? Denver is considered to be the number one place for him to go. Andy’s comments here.

Impossible Question

Friday’s Impossible Question: The average American will use 20 gallons of this in a lifetime. Toothpaste

Today’s Impossible Question: Starting in 1885, this was originally marketed to cure hangovers and headaches… Coca Cola 

Governor Polis Amends and Extends Mask Order

Article Here. Andy Comments on how there is no rhyme or reason to this logic.  Listen Here. Mobile users being at 14:01

Joe Biden and the endless mask-wearing. Article here and Andy’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 30:42

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was met with boos and heckles at The Utah GOP convention. Article here and Andy’s comments hereMobile Users begin at 34:40


Andy’s comments on wearing a mask. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 47:29

This Data On Masked Vs Unmasked Schools Will Be Ignored By The Mask Cult. Article Here.

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Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom

Dr. Patrick Moore is the author of the book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, with 11 chapters exposing the many environmental scare stories repeated daily in the media. Dr. Moore was a co-founder of Greenpeace and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the CO2 Coalition.  BIO: Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for more than 40 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. In the interview, he explains how Green Peace changed and left him.  Listen to the interview here

“It dawned on me one day that most of the scare stories in the media today are based on things that are invisible, like CO2 and radiation, or very remote, like polar bears and coral reefs.”  – Dr. Patrick Moore


Richard Rush Listen here. Mobile users begin at 31:58

Joined the Conversation

Mark called in about Aaron Rogers and predicted he will go to San Fransico. 

Joe Manchin making things difficult for Joe Biden

Andy’s comments here. Related Article Here. So far Joe Manchin has been a roadblock to the Leftist’s wish list.

Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage. The interest rates have gone up in the last few months but now coming back down again. Talked about the people who want to invest in jumbo loans. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 2:23

Case Against the New Censorship

The New Censorship is not coming from the government it’s coming from big tech.

Alan Dershowitz has been called “one of the most prominent and consistent defenders of civil liberties in America” by Politico and “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights” by Newsweek. Yet he has come under intense criticism for his steadfast and consistent championing of those same principles, and his famed “shoe‑on‑the‑other‑foot test,” to those who have been “canceled” for any number of faults, both real and imagined.  listen to the full interview here on how Youtube is taking down videos that don’t agree with them. He also talks about section 230. Mobile users begin at 11:30. 

Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Giuliani Raid ‘Unconstitutional’.  Article here.  Alan also spoke to Andy about the Rudy Giuliani: FBI Raid. Related article here.

America and Iran

Middle East Analyst and Editor for Iran International, a London-based Persian language news channel, Jason Brodsky joined Andy to talk about The Nuclear Deal/Abraham Accord/Persian Gulf. Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 26:30

Jason is a former policy director of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and from 2013-16, he served in a variety of capacities at the Wilson Center, including as special assistant (research/writing) to the Director, President and CEO former Congresswoman Jane Harman, as a research associate in its Middle East Program. Earlier in his career, Jason served as a fellow at the White House in the Executive Office of the President. His research specialties include Iran, Iraq, Shiite militias, and U.S. policy in the Middle East.  Jason holds a B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Brandeis University; a J.D., cum laude, from the University of Miami School of Law; and an LL.M., with distinction, from the Georgetown University Law Center. His op-eds and commentaries have been featured in Foreign Affairs; Foreign Policy; The National Interest; Newsweek; The Wall Street Journal; The Hill; The Jerusalem Post; The Daily Beast; and on CNN.com. He is also frequently interviewed on TV for i24News, BBC Persian, and Voice of America.

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Joined the Conversation

Jersey JoeThe Foods that Built America, The Men Who Built America, Four New Gun Control Bills for Colorado.  Listen here to Andy and Joe’s comments. Mobile Users begin at 41:14


May 3, 2021
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