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Show Notes

May 5, 2021

Opening Comments

Today’s show was hosted by Andrew Lloyd Peth and co-hosted by Schumé Navarro

Yesterday’s Impossible Question:
22% of men say this is their favorite thing to eat while watching sports… Nachos

Today’s Impossible Question:
Playing this game actually improves your brain function… Tetris

John Lott

John Lott with crimeresearch.org talked to Andy about his article on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Listen to the interview here. Mobile users being at 12:28

John continued the conversation after the break about current gun control measures. Targets in on the state of Colorado. Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 28:15

Related Article: On Thursday, April 8th Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden gave a presentation on guns. One thing is certain, the media fact-checkers won’t question their false claims. John Lott and Thomas Massie point out a few of those and add clarity to their presentation. Article here.

John Lott’s book: Gun Control Myths: How politicians, the media, and botched “studies” have twisted the facts on gun control 

Joined the Conversation

Leslie Hollywood head of Rally For Our Rights called in about the current legislation. There are five gun control bills this session.  Listen here for full comments. Mobile users begin at 34:00


King Polis Extends the Mask Mandate

Students and faculty getting sicker with the mask mandate and the Free Faced in Colorado Facebook group. Comments here. Mobile users begin at 50:16


Richard V. Battle

Richard V. Battle is the author of seven books including Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense in Uncommon Times.  Listen to the interview here.

Principles vs. Raw Power 

Today we’re watching an epic struggle between principled leaders and those utilizing raw power to “bully” people into submission.

  1. American Principles include
    1. Rules established to order society with provisions for orderly changes.
    2. There is one truth. Right and wrong defined by culture.
    3. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of EACH individual
    4. We must inspire future generations of the benefit to them of individual liberty gifted to them by generations who won and preserved it for us/them.
  2. Raw Power
    1. Personal ambition is paramount
    2. Political expediency

                                                   i.     Ends justify means
                                     ii.     Whatever it takes
                                    iii.     Ignore or change rules for the moment.

  1. We must expose the deceit of all who use and abuse power for individual and political gain at the expense of individual liberty.
  1. Principled Leaders include
    1. President George Washington
    2. President Ronald Reagan
  2. Power leaders include
    1. Elected officials

                                                   i.     Profit from position
                                    ii.     Hold position to last breath beyond ability to execute office

  1. Business
    i.     Bernie Madoff – Cheat clients
  1. The Four-Letter Word that Builds Character - Example
    1. General Jimmy Doolittle and the Raiders from April 17, 1942

    “If principles become dated, they’re not principles.” – Warren Buffet 


Tucker Carlson

And the CIA’s Ad

Article here and Andy’s and Schumé’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 10:58

Added Bonus


Silent Weapons (The Mass Media)

Daniel Natal with The New American brought up the books: How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don’t, Public Opinion: The Original 1922 Edition, and  Propaganda.

A silent weapon was unleashed upon the U.S. population. We call it the mass media. It’s largely overlooked now, but propaganda was originally a weapon of war (usually run by the Psychological Warfare Division). It was a tool turned only against enemy populations.  After World War Two, however, the elites began turning it against the domestic population. According to 17th Century political scientist John Locke, this constitutes declaring war against a people who . . . sadly . . . don’t even know that a conflict has already begun.

Andy brought up Cass Sunstein and Trump and globalism Listen to the full interview here. Mobile users begin at 22:47


Taking Mask-Free Selfies

Andy asked  Schumé about the pros and cons of taking off the masks before the governor lifts the order.  Listen here. Mobile users begin at 46:00

A Racist Tirade

A woman in California went on a racist tirade against a police officer during a traffic stop, calling him a “murderer.” Article Here.  Andy and Schumé’s comments here

Joined The Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in from mask-free Wyoming with an update of happenings in Wyoming and about Frontier Days. Mobile users begin at 7:33

Anne called in about HB21-1191 Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status: Concerning the prohibition against discrimination based on the refusal to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine.  Find your legislator here.


Dr. Tom Schneider

Dr. Tom Schneider, author of The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man: Surviving When Life Sucks. The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man is not “based on a true story.” It is a true story. More precisely, it is a memoir of dozens of Dr. Tom Schneider’s true stories: from devilish schoolboy hijinks to death-defying heroics during his time in the military, and even a heated disagreement with his boss: the U.S. Surgeon General.  BIO: Despite how he refers to himself in his book’s title, Dr. Tom Schneider is no ordinary man. Raised in a borderline-abusive family and brought up in a no-nonsense, Catholic school environment, he managed to retain his sense of humor and mischief throughout high school and college. He served as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, and then, despite an average-at-best work ethic toward scholarship, decided to give medical school a shot. That shot turned into a career that became his true calling and would span the rest of his life. With a humble, common-sense approach to health and wellness, he practiced medicine at the likes of Bethesda Naval Hospital, Harvard University, and the National Institutes of Health. He can hardly operate his cell phone, but he could remove your spleen with a ballpoint pen. Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 26:55


Jersey Joe

NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced a new State approved seating plan for New York baseball stadiums that would divide the seating areas into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” sections with different seating standards for each section. Article here. “The plan is perfectly logical as long as there is no breeze blowing that might carry virus particles from one group of seated fans to another group.  In a related story, the Governor is expected to release guidelines tomorrow that will create new “No peeing” sections in public pools.” ~ Jersey Joe

Native women appointed to White House’s climate justice table. Article here.  This would imply that somehow that the climate discriminates and affects certain people/groups differently than other people (an “injustice”) that needs to be rectified so that the climate treats everybody the same way!  Assuming such an unjust discriminatory mechanism actually exists, how will they know if and when they have achieved their goal of “Climate justice”? 

The  Facebook site Axios ran a story about a far-Right French politician (Marine Le Pen) being acquitted of violating France’s Hate speech law. Several conservatives posted comments expressing their appreciation for having the protection of the 1st amendment that allows them to express unpopular views without fear of prosecution by the government (as long as those views did not advocate the use of violence or criminal acts).  The most popular (ignorant) Liberal response was: “Wrong!  You can get sued for slander and libel” Sad that so many on the left don’t understand the difference between a criminal prosecution by the government and a civil suit for damages.