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Show Notes

April 11, 2022

Hour 2 Topics

Article: Disney / Comments  
Article: Environmental group targeting SUVs / Comments
Richard Rush: Bronco’s / Gen Z & Millennials / Masks / Comments   Part 2   Part 3  

 Hour 3 Topics

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage  /  Interview
Rush To Reason Website / Comments

Financial What Ifs
Article: Robert Kiyosaki warns rising inflation 
Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad 
Book: The Latte Factor
APP: Acorns app 
Comments   Part 2   

Find us on Spotify and Stitcher   Comments 
Article: Car Prices / Comments  
Jersey Joe called in on how to curb crime – in satire 
Bob from Thorton called in about Uber and Lift
Final Comments  

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