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March 21

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Steve House: Training for Grit and taking risks. COVID-19 was a referendum on government control and freedom. What is the definition of freedom, and how does it play out in the social sphere? The art of social engineering. Jet Setters – Rules For Thee but Not for Me. Treating covid vax injury. Blood clots and covid vax. / Part 1  Interview  

Steve House: Trump and the bloodbath, Planet Fitness stock plunges by 400 million, Is asking for an ID to vote too much and why it’s degrading, gaslighting from the government, Dems trying to get rid of  Bobby Kennedy, Trump’s real estate in NY, Completely 2 different systems of justice, Early Dawn ATF Raids. / Part 2 Interview  

Steve House: ATF taking what is not theirs? Ruby Ridge should have taught us something. Who really shot JFK?  What about LBJ and the CIA? NVIDIA AI Chips. / Part 3  Interview 


Jake Novak: Political analyst, editorial columnist, and author of ‘Jake’s Takes’ on Substack, What really happened with Don Lemon and Elon Musk. / Interview 

Apple Responds to Major Lawsuit Filed by U.S. Department of Justice. Article / Article / Comments 

Jerzee Joe  called in about RCS messaging service similar to Apple’s and why the DOJ is going after them. 


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage
National Association of Realtors settlement explanation. What will this do to Realtors and Real Estate?  Part 1 Interview 

What does this mean for future home buyers? Are new services coming? / Part 2  Interview 

Doug called in for advice on home improvements and selling a home. 

Will this reduce the number of agents, and what will happen to the average Realtor’s income? Plus home buyer’s will need to be prepared. / Part 3  Interview 


March 21
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