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Show Notes

March 18

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Dave with Veteran Windows and Doors  Upping your home security. / Interview 

Tucker Carlson for Trump’s VP pick. Taking Things out of Context. / Comments

Tucker and Aliens – Respectfully Disagreeing  / Comments 

Trump Says He Can’t Secure Bond for $454 Million Civil-Fraud Judgment. Article / Comments 

Jared Dillian is the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals, continuously published since 2008, and the founder of Jared Dillian Money. Topic: How to live a stress-free financial life and build wealth for your future. / Interview 

Follow-up comments from Jared’s interview and about Dave Ramsey


Stop giving away password hints. / Comments 

Bad Bills:
HB24-1017: Bill of Rights for Foster Youth.
HB24-1039: Non-Legal Name Changes.
HB24-1040: Gender-Affirming Health-Care Provider Study.
HB24-1071: Name Change to Conform with Gender Identity.
HB24-1353: This bill would require gun merchants to obtain a state permit in addition to their federal firearms licenses.
HB24-1174: This bill would increase the requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. HB24-1349: This is an excise tax on firearms and ammunition.
SB24-003: This bill would allocate millions of dollars to the CBI to create a “gun police” task force to enforce unconstitutional gun control policies like the mandatory 3-day waiting period.
SB24-066: This bill would require credit card and debit card transactions between consumers and licensed firearms dealers to be marked with a distinct code, allowing the government to track who is making legal firearm purchases.
The list comes from The Colorado State Shooting Association.

Richard Rush: March MadnessThe brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are out, and it’s time for the annual ritual of trying to predict which teams will make it to the “Sweet 16,” “The Elite Eight,” and “The Final Four.” / Interview 

Buc-ees / Comments 

Richard Rush: Paid employees playing college ball. / Interview 


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage  Changes coming to how people buy and sell homes. Rate update and FED meeting.   / Interview

Diane Weber Bederman TOPIC: Life Imprisonment Proposed for Citizens Found Guilty of Hate Speech. / Interview 

Tik Tok Ban HR 7521 / Comments 

Bloodbath –  Trump was talking about Chinese EVs. Article / Comments 

Why don’t the Dems call out bad form to other Dems? / Comments