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Show Notes

March 13

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Michael Bailey Mobile Estate Planner. How to pick an executor. / Interview

Shanisty Ireland, Food & Lifestyle influencer – Spring Clean Your Pantry – Easy meal prep ideas just from your pantry. / Interview 

Dr Julie Gatza: Tips for reducing your “toxic burden” to improve health & boost energy. Digestive Enzymes from Nature’s Sources. Discount Code: RADIO – 800-827-7656. / Interview


Richard Battle:  The impact of having “skin in the game” – how differently people act. / Interview 

From the text line. / Comments 

Colorado’s massive recycling expansion could cost a lot more than first estimated. Article / Comments

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom FDNY’s censure of firefighters who booed Tish is a disgrace. FDNY commissioner apologizes after firefighters boo state attorney general. / Interview 

John from Cheyenne called in about FDNY.



Thomas Corbett-Dillon – former Boris Johnson advisor on the House banning TIKTOK minutes ago. / Interview 

Rocky Mountain Airport Article / Comments / Part 2 with Jerzee Joe 

 Jerzee Joe (The Democrat-sponsored Gun Bill), “ House Bill 1174 mandates that all concealed carry permit training classes be conducted in person, with a curriculum to cover firearm safety, storage, state and federal gun laws, and self-defense and de-escalation tactics. Applicants must pass a written exam and live-fire exercise, and renewals require a refresher course.” Now keep in mind that as of last week, there are now 29 states in the Union  that don’t require any type of permit at all to carry a concealed weapon legally. None of them are experiencing any of the grave consequences that the sponsors of this legislation are claiming are likely to occur (or have occurred in Colorado in the past) without these extra layers of conditions and restrictions. / Comments 

Text message on Gun Bill. / Comments 

Anne called in about Jeffco Airport.

Jim called in about Arvada and the railroad.