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Show Notes

March 11

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

John Canatta – Cyber Guy: Too many calls on “I’ve been hacked.” / Interview 

Daylight saving time change. / Comments 

Colorado House Republicans called upon Speaker Julie McCluskie to hear Articles of Impeachment for Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Article / Comments 

Paula Sarlls is a Marine and a Gold Star Wife/Sister-in-Law. She’s celebrating her 75th birthday, fulfilling the mission of the Fdn to “Honor Marines and remember all who serve” by SKYDIVING all day long on March 16th.  / Interview  / Comments on Donations

Recall of Jena Griswold. / Comments 

Dell called in about Jena Griswold’s recall.


Dr. Paula Maddox, author of Think Globally, Lead Strategically, a powerful call for Christian professionals. Paula argues that the most outstanding leaders in any sector understand that leadership, at its core, is about people. It’s about understanding people’s needs, inspiring them to achieve their potential, and creating an environment where they can thrive. The first job of a leader is to support and develop more righteous leaders. / Interview 

Speed Limiting Devices on New Cars. Article / Comments 

Richard Rush discussed Russell Wilson and his Contract with the Steelers. / Interview  

Big Storm Possible on Thursday? / Comments 


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage  Credit Score and how it impacts your life. Credit card companies vs. mortgage applications  / Interview 

Tommy Pigott, RNC Strategic Communications Director. / Interview 

Wayne called in about the Republicans sticking to their platform. 

Biden’s SOTU address. Smoke and mirrors – the whole speech. /Biden’s Audio & Comments / Part 2 / Part 3