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Show Notes

March 6

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Health & Wellness Wednesday

Dr. Scott Faulkner Castle Rock Regenerative Healthcare

Listener Questions
1. Can you ask him if he knows of any kind of website that would show like-minded doctors like him in different states?  I would like to know if we have a “Dr. Faulkner” somewhere close to where I live. Alabama 

2. Is it true that for weight loss, any means of losing weight, including injections, is better than carrying the weight? Is there any instance where the cure is worse than the disease? A friend of ours is also on Trizep? And they complained of throat issues and acid reflux too. I just want to lose 20 lbs I gained after knee surgery 

3.  Nutrition supplements for weight loss 

4. John, my sister in Santa Barbara, CA, was recently diagnosed with non-smoker lung cancer. She has chosen to go to Drs at UCLA. Would Dr Scott recommend this, or like he said, they are beholden to the administration? They have put her on Tagrisso. 

5. I crave orange juice in the middle of the night, and that’s the only time. Is that concerning to Doctor Scott? After I drink 8-16 oz, I fall back to sleep. If I don’t, I toss and turn. 


Richard Battle  Why the Texas Attitude and its History Benefits All Americans TODAY! Remember the Alamo! / Interview 

Jerzee Joe  called in about the show Texas Rising. And Why Texas needs to remain a Red State. / Comments 

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Liz Steblay is the President of independent consulting firm ProKo and author of the new book SUCCEEDING AS A SOLOPRENEUR: Six Keys to Taking the Leap, Winning Clients, and Building Wealth.  / Interview 

Colorado lawmakers are beginning work on ‘construction defects’ to jumpstart condo development. Article / Comments 

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom Topics: Violent crime is getting so bad in New York City subways that Gov. Kathy Hochul is deploying 1,000 total National Guardsmen, state police & MTA police to patrol them. A bunch of black youths attacked this white kid in school. They were only given two days suspension, and the media didn’t bother to cover the story. / Interview

CU 2020 Study: police pullback leads to more crime. / Comments