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Show Notes

March 4

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Premier Home Remodels, Custom & Semi-Custom Home Remodeling Company. Interview

Trump and Supreme Court  Article / Article / Comments 

Ira Shapiro discussed Senator McConnell stepping down from his leadership position in the Senate and his legacy as Senate Leader.  Book / Interview 

John’s comments on Ira’s interview – Talk about the things we can agree upon. 


U.S. airports with the worst delays over spring break. Article / Comments 

John from Cheyenne  & Jerzee Joe on air travel. Comments 

Richard Rush on the Bronco’s – Russell Wilson. Article  / Interview 

Richard Rush Nascar and the Glove.  Article / Interview 


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage Thinking about refinancing or purchasing a home this spring or summer, what you can do now to help get lower fees and a low rate. / Interview

David Stryzewski – Sound Planning Group BitCoin and where it’s heading. If Taiwan gets invaded by China. The microchip.  www.fedbubble.com / Interview 

Craig called in about NASCAR and the glove & tricks of the trade. 

Ken called in about growing up in NASCAR country. And the history of the restrictor plates. 

John got a call from the Trump campaign. / Comments

A text message with a question. How much money has Griwald spent trying to keep Trump off the ballot? / Comments