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Show Notes

March 3, 2022

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Hour 2 Show Notes

Doctors, Government, and Covid

Dr. Rae Ann Weber, is a Colorado Springs based, Family Medicine physician  who has been heavily targeted by the Colorado Board of Medicine for her clinical decisions during the COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Weber has faced threats of sanctions and even loss of medical licensure. One of Rae Ann’s “complaints” was actually a Board-instigated complaint generated from information the Board gleaned from a compliment letter sent by one of her patients.  The Board is now demanding that Rae Ann turn over private and HIPAA protected medical records on all of the patients she has treated for COVID!  This is clearly outrageous and may well be illegal. this interview covers the weaponization of regulatory bodies like state medical boards, and this all-out assault on the doctor-patient relationship, freedom of speech, informed consent, and medical autonomy.

Introduction of guests and what is happening to Dr. Weber in Colorado Springs. 
The Censorship is Real
Rep. Stephanie Luck: Bill HB 22-1015
Previous Interview Rep. Luck 01/19/2022
Off Lable Drugs
The Story of Kevin Parsons – Dr. Weber’s Patient
The Complaint 
The power of a regulatory body and physicians 
Insurance companies not paying for off label uses
Dr. Kelly and the National Level/ Senator Ron Johnson
No Fill Pharmacies
Corporate Medicine
How help get HB 22-1015 passed
Off-label Use Of Approved Drugs To Treat COVID-19 | Colorado General Assembly
Can you sue a pharmacist? 
How to help doctors save lives.