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January 19

Impossible Question

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Starbucks throws out vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling. Article here

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Colorado Ranks Among Worst States For Drivers 

 One study is ranking Colorado as among the worst states to drive. Article here.

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Brain Balance 

Dr. Rebecca Jackson  Board Certified Cognitive Specialist for Brain Balance

The pandemic’s impact on our nation’s kids and practical tips to engage development from home. 

Tips for Off-setting the Pandemic Development Dip: 

Spend time playing and exploring outside such as parks with kids and adults of all ages 

Find safe ways and opportunities to expose your children to people beyond immediate family and caregivers 

Explore beyond your home and immediate surroundings; trails, nature preserves, the zoo, botanical gardens 

Something as simple as visiting the grocery store or a library can provide inside visits to different locations where people naturally spread out 

Face-to-face time with your child mimic facial expressions and sounds 

Creating time to singularly focus on your baby, without distractions such as siblings or technology 

PLAY!  Movement and play with as much variation in sensory exposure and exploration provides stimulation, engagement, and learning for the developing brain.

BIO: Dr. Jackson is currently the VP of Programs and Outcomes for Brain Balance, where she designs and implements programs focused on strengthening the brain to optimize human performance for a variety of ages and abilities. Dr. Jackson graduated from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001. You can find her recently peer-reviewed research in the Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research 2021, Effect of the Brain Balance® Program on Cognitive Performance in Children and Adolescents with Developmental and Attentional Issues. Jackson has appeared on national broadcasts including ABC’s The Doctors Show and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and has contributed to numerous national print outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, TODAY, Huffington Post, and many more.

Interview Here


Why Strengthening Brain Plasticity Is Crucial for Overall Wellness

Dr. Patrick Porter  – Braintap

How Managing Stress Can Result in Better Athletic Performance 
What Stress & Anxiety Does to Your Brain & Your Health 

Sleep: too much or too little

Brain-Boosting Tips (for All Ages) to Combat General Stress (from Holiday Anxiety & COVID Concerns to Political PTSD, School, Work, etc.) 

What BrainTap® is & How Using it Can Result in a Better You 

Interview here

Part 2 here Focusing on you are who you hang out with. 

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It’s More Than The Gold or The Benjamins

In hour one John’s monologue sets up the interview with Richard Battle so the podcast beings with, “You Are Who You Hang Out With.”  

Richard Battle

InLife’s Daily Treasure: 366 Doses of Hope, Optimism, Personal growth, and Encouragement 

Each day positively presents a subject – encouragement, courage, faith, hope, heart, perseverance, etc

The one subject absent from each day in the book is MONEY.

Why, you might ask, since it is an essential part of our lives?

We all need money to survive, no amount of money can buy peace, happiness, joy, love, or friendship.

Humans continue to pursue riches believing it will solve their problems.

Lotteries sell hope for a better life at one dollar per ticket.

Comedian, Brother Dave Gardner, used to say, “Money won’t buy you happiness, but it will buy you a better brand of misery.”

A January 4, 2022 article in The Philadelphia Inquirer by Jason Nark details treasure hunters suing the federal government for documents related to a lost civil war gold shipment. The military lost the gold in 1863, and hunters have pursued it since. Finders Keepers, a group led by the Parada family, have spent decades searching for the treasure and are plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Nothing wrong with hunting treasure or pursuing wealth.

We can secure our financial freedom and improve our lifestyles.

Obsessive efforts can skew our view of life and deprive us of enjoying things money can’t buy. 

1st Timothy instructs us, “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

Movie Broken Trail, Robert Duvall’s character leads a horse drive to teach his nephew the trade before his time on earth is finished. They encounter challenge after challenge. After one threat to their endeavor, the nephew states, “this drive is becoming less profitable every day.” Duvall’s character responds, “You never measure wealth using money.”

Priorities and Balance.

First, we must prioritize faith, family, and relationships over the acquisition of money. It is effortless for men to fall into the trap of prioritizing providing financially for their families and missing the essential things in life.

Second, we must live balancing our Spiritual, family, physical, mental, financial, and social areas of life. Living out of balance in one or more sections for an extended period will adversely affect all the other compartments, including those we believe are excelling in our performance.

The CEO Who Fired 900 People on Zoom Is Back. Article here.


Total Lies! 

No one gives you a loan based on … Comments here.

Evidence Suggests Trump Organization Falsely Valued Assets to Get Loans and Tax Breaks, New York Attorney General Says

Article here

Covid, Ivermectin, and Stopping DORA

Rep. Stephanie Luck – HD47 

Last year, Rep Luck put forth a bill to stop DORA from going after doctors who prescribe and pharmacists who fill prescriptions for Ivermectin and HCQ. Dr. Peter McCullough was able to testify remotely in favor of it. But, the majority party made a mockery of the bill and claimed the vaccine was the ONLY answer to covid. Ivermectin continues to be difficult to find and most pharmacies will not fill a prescription for it. If you can find a compounding pharmacist to fill the prescription, the cost of it has skyrocketed in CO. 

This year, Rep Luck is bringing the bill back. Here is a link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb22-1015 


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