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Show Notes

February 28

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Health and Wellness Wednesday

Katharine Pickering & Robyn Lewis-Oglesby K& R Home Transitions  ReUp Program/ Comments / Cashing in on a mistake a seller made. Andy texted in.

A study finds that people who eat and exercise the same amount as people 20 years prior are still fatter. Article / Comments 

Dr. Laurel Mellin, author of 123 Joy: Natural Weight Loss that is Scientific, Proven, Drug-Free & Fun, joined John and discussed Emotional Brain Training (EBT). / Interview 

The right diet to hold off dementia. / Comments 



Richard Battle Once Again, The Founders Knew What They Were Doing! / Interview 

Lauren Boebert’s Son Arrested. Article / Comments

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom
The Revolutionary Communists of America are forming a party!
Senator Chuck Schumer waved the People’s Republic of China flag onstage at a Lunar New Year event on Sunday.
Girtz is a communist. Communists are loyal to the system first & foremost.

Text message about communism – killing off society. / Comments 


Eric Ruark, director of research and public relations with NumbersUSA, spoke with John about a new Federal spending bill and the documentary America Invaded. / Interview 

Paul called in about Lakewood, CO, and illegal immigration. 

Eric called in about homeless camps in CO. Calhan police residents expressed concerns about a potential tent community near town. Article 

Carolyn Phippen, US Senate Candidate in Utah. Don’t Want to Pay for Health Care or Groceries? Then Don’t. Pretend to Be an Illegal Alien Instead. Article / Interview  

Craig from Lakewood called in about government employees being furloughed to cover the expense of illegals and the death of citizens by illegals. 

Text message:” Why when a shooting…??” / Comments