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Show Notes

February 21

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Al Smith Golden Eagle Financial Retirement Planning. / Interview

Losing Weight. / Comments 

From Sugar to Splenda – Detailing the Health Effects of America’s Favorite Sweeteners. An Interview with Health Educator Troy Duell, founder of Centurion Labs. / Interview 


Richard Battle Principles of Effective Leadership and Effective Leaders. / Interview 

The Left Wants to Control You: State funding could be withheld from Colorado cities that don’t tie housing to transit under new affordability push. Article / Comments

Sunny Kutcher – Young Americans Against Socialism & Educate Freedom
The effect of socialism on the UK – so far.
The ratio of socialism (govt spending) to capitalism (GDP) has nearly doubled since 1950.
The Spanish police are now brutally beating the farmers who are protesting against the Socialist government.

Mark called in about “The Thread of Truth.” 


Ken from Berthoud called in about on Hard Work and Socialism, and Remember those Smart People? 

National Crawford Round Table tonight. Trump on Abortion. / Comments 

Scott GarlissMarketwise.com  AI related stocks like NVDA. Election Year and the Stock Market. S&P500 and the Time of the Year. Daytona. Dodge and car sales – not being at NASCAR.  Apparel Retail industry. YouTube. What Happens to Hot Products? / Interview