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Show Notes

January 29

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Genesis 1:3 Electric  /Comments

Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction Re-Cap. / Comments 

DIA Train Article / Comments /Bob From Thorton called in. Part 2 

Craig from Wheatridge called in about DIA and the taxpayer. 


DIA and Public Transportation. / Comments

Mark from Blackforest called in about airline boarding

Jeff called in about airline and bag checking

Text messages about traveling – airlines. / Comments 

Mike called in about interesting attire he saw at King Supers. 

Colorado Traffic Rule Update: Navigating the Right Turn on Red in 2024 / Comments
CO Department of Motor Vehicles:  https://dmv.colorado.gov/vehicles
CO Traffic Safety Program:  https://www.codot.gov/safety
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:  https://www.nhtsa.gov/ 

Richard Rush: Sports Update – Is the NFL Rigged? / Interview / Part 2

Car Review: 2023 Toyota BZ4X AWD

Text message on EV labor issue. / Comments


Kurt Rogers, Affordable Interest Mortgage  Market Update. / Interview

CO GOP Spending. / Comments

Text message about child labor. / Comments 

Jerzee Joe on New Jersey’s results on banning plastic bags for two years. / Interview 

David Stryzewski – Sound Planning Group The Treasury cut its borrowing forecast. / Interview