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Show Notes

January 23

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

Why do criminals look like criminals in their pictures? / Comments

John and Andy’s crystal ball or lack thereof. / Comments 

The rise and fall of Ron DeSantis – polling and how it worked with Trump’s Inditements / Comments /

Republican Candidates and what voters will overlook. “Don’t You Know Who I Am? / Comments 

Tolerance for a DUI. / Comments 

Mike from Aurora called in about “Don’t you know who I am?” DUIs and Politicians. 

John from Cheyenne called in about Dem & DUIs

Taiwan Election – correction/clarification from yesterday. Article / Comments


Pipe Hitter Foundation (PHF) Board Member and retired NYPD Rob O’Donnell is an expert on crime and law enforcement: Pro-criminal policies are putting our cops in the crossfire. Article / Interview 

How do we help Trump Win? / Comments 

Ben Shapiro on Trump’s VP Pick. Video / Comments / Part 2 

Ed Henderson – Rockies Coverage and Todd Helton & Coopersville. Article / Interview 

David called in about Trump’s possible VIP pick. 

Trump JR & Vivek skeletons in the closet? / Comments 


Picking the right candidate. Sara Huckabee Sanders – text line/ Comments 

Gregory Wrightstone More Evidence Global Warming is Good! EVs Won’t Charge in Cold Weather. His new book is A Very Convenient Warming: How Modest Warming and More CO2 are Benefitting Humanity. / Interview 

Andy’s Facebook post on Trump & Vivek. Vivek not trusted?  / Comments 

The loons are running the CO GOP./ Comments 

John apologizing? – No. Check out the CO GOP Treasury. The Co Republicans and Trump followers. / Comments 

Jerzee Joe  called in about Joe Biden working at Starbucks or a Walmart greeter. 

Do You Know Who I Am? – Comments by Jerzee Joe. Plus, crazy lawsuits.