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January 16

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

The Democrats have chosen their opponent. Plus, Haley/DeSantis Debate, Trump and the Iowa Caucuses/ Comments  / Part 2 /

Craig from Wheatridge called in about Trump and the Democrat strategy.  How DeSantis and Trump are similar.

Texter on Trump and the Covid Vaccine. / Comments 

John from Cheyenne called in about the Cheyenne Ridge, the Cowboys, and how to get rid of Harris without losing the black women’s vote.  

Why must GOP Leadership stay neutral in GOP Primaries? / Comments


Michael McKenna is the president of MWR Strategies.He also writes a weekly column for the Washington Times and is co-host of the Unregulated Podcast. The American Energy Alliance and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity recently sponsored a survey of 1600 likely voters equally divided among eight States (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio) conducted by MWR Strategies in December 2023, and asked them about climate change, energy, and taxes. / Interview

Bob from Thornton called in about moving to Colorado in 1973 and the RTD tax, RTD budget, light rail, and buses.

Bob’s experience with High Five Plumbing. / Comments 

RTD stands for… Click Here … the problems with RTD, the politicians, and the EPA. 

Recap on GOP party loyalty, the bylaws, and elections. / Comments


Complaints about John and all of his flaws. Especially his knowledge about RTD and other public transportation providers./ Comments 

Tipping Etiquette and when tips are earned or unearned. Plus, how restaurants get you to tip.   Article / Comments 

John from Cheyenne called in about his tipping parameters and why he always carries cash. 

No tip or not a big enough tip, you don’t get your delivery. Who makes the best tippers? / Comments 

Who are the worst tippers? / Comments 

Producer Anne’s complaint to John. 

One of those days for John. / Comments 

Topics on Rush To Reason / Comments


January 16
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