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Show Notes

January 3

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


Superior and Louisville Fires

John’s Comments here.

Matt Stanford – Paragon Services



Interview Here.


Jersey Joe

Insurance and what to do to keep good records and how to plan for an emergency.

Comments here.

Joined the Conversation

Dennis commented about what Governor Polis did on commuting the sentence of the truck driver, and the fire damage and the things you could have a total loss from.  John commented on the home values of the area. What can people do if the county won’t help.


Extreme Auto Repair

Sean called in about winter driving and how important it is to have really good transportation and good tires! Tires matter more than 4 wheel drive.  Extreme has Cooper Tires at wholesale prices.

Extreme Auto Repair
10274 S Dransfeldt Road
Parker, CO 80134
(303) 825-3808

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Why Are You Standing In Line?

Got Covid? Test at home. John used On/Go Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test. there are some different tests too.

Comments here.

Stephanie called in about her covid test kit.


Biden repeatedly claimed that he will “Shut down the virus”. 


“There is no federal solution. This gets solved at a state level.”  Article here

After 15 months of saying he’s going to shut down the virus, it is now to be solved at the state level.

Comments here.


I-70 crash: truck driver sentence reduced to 10 years

The truck driver sentenced to 110 years in prison for his role in a deadly crash that killed four people on Interstate 70 has received clemency from the governor. Article here.

Comments here.
Part 2 here.
Dave from Thorton called in
Bill from Boulder called in


Richard Rush

I 70 Truck Driver crash comments here.

Douglas County Fires comments here.


Joined the Conversation

Steven called in about the I 70 Truck Driver crash and how he disagreed with John on the sentencing.

Sandra called in about Gov. Polis and the Truck Driver.

Richard and John’s follow-up remarks. Listen here.

How the lack of driver training will change the industry. John and Richard’s comments here.

The Greatest Psychological Warfare in Human History

From Jason Jones 

“If you understand what’s going on and didn’t take the poison, you have survived the greatest psychological warfare in human history. Do you realize how much time, resources, money and effort they put into this? They have tried to manipulate, brainwash and force you. They have been trying to scare you. Attempted to make you feel guilty. They tried to bribe you with gifts. They tried to confuse you, to question your reality, and also your sanity. They tried to make you abandon your principles, your morals and your values. They even managed to turn your loved ones and friends against you. Almost everyone fell for it, but not you. You never gave up on yourself. You stood up for yourself against all odds. You rose like a Phoenix in the night and entered into your own full power. You are the best. Stay that way.”

​The Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage

Home values will still increase for a while and the rates will probably tick up a bit. 

Comments here

Brauchler: Polis bows to public pressure and corrupts justice

Article here
John’s comments here. And what he thinks about the Kardashians
John from Cheyenne called in 


Joined the Conversation

Craig from Wheatridge called in about the Douglas County fire and the winds. Also commented about the Trucker. 

David called in about the Democrats and Polis. The people being arrested are being released very early. Brought up child molesters claiming to be part of the immigration services. Democrats are soft on crime. 

Dell called in about people getting their CDLs. 

Mark in Black Forest called in about the fire and FEMA.