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Show Notes

January 4, 2022

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.


John and Andy’s Recap of 2021 and Predictions of 2022.

Supply Chain
Stocking Up


King Soopers

Going on Strike: This is all due to King Soopers having “contractors” do some jobs in the stores that pay more than what they pay employees. They must not realize (or choose to ignore) that a union worker – in total – costs far more than the higher per hour subcontractor. Article here


Jersey Joe

CEO of a company that operated nationwide and talked about subcontractors vs. employees.
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Joined the Conversation

John in Cheyenne commented on the Virginia DOT, electric car batteries, and survival tips.
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Virginia storm leaves motorists stranded on I-95.
Article here.


What Happened in 2021

The biggest event is the collapse of the Democratic Party.
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Looking Ahead in 2022

Biden’s polling numbers and why they want you afraid.
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How to Tackle Debt

John Nicholas 

 Is a lifelong entrepreneur who has built companies worth millions, but has also been jobless, broke, and buried in debt and has become America’s Breakthrough Debt-Recovery Coach. Get his book here

Debt reduction will be on most people’s new year’s resolutions list and January will be the time we begin to see an endless number of ads for not just the gym and new diets, but debt relief.  What are your options and how you can conquer your debt?

Free Video Course with forms and cheat sheets to get you started

The Day Dave Ramsey Was All Wrong About Debt – And How to Tell Good Debt from Bad.
Article here

Interview here


New Years Resolutions and Hopelessness

What are some people’s resolutions?
John and Andy’s comments here


Joined the Conversation

Craig from Wheat Ridge called in about Tesla’s starman, and how people are rejecting the covid mandates. But John shows how we still have our share of knuckleheads out there and why the Democrats need to keep the pandemic going. 


Go Fund Me

The Boulder County fires and the Go Fund Me accounts and why this troubles John in this particular situation. 
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Part 2 here

The Top Five Freedom Fighters of 2021

John Zmirak  – The Stream

John Zmirak’s top 5 freedom fighters: Article here.

Plus check out his article “Betty White Didn’t Kill Herself”.

Interview here.


MAAD and the Infrastructure Bill 

Infrastructure package requires new cars to have technology that prevents drunk driving by as soon as 2026. Article here.

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Go Fund Me, The Education System, And Personal Responsibility

How we get behind the eightball. 
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The Biblical Basis

Of personal responsibility. Andy’s comments here and why he is against liberalism. 
Part 2 here and Step 13. 
Part 3 here