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January 2

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

Guests & Topics

ANew Year’s Resolutions. / Comments

John’s Vacation Observation. / Comments 

Harvard President Resigns. Article  / Comments / Part 2

Where to Find KLZ online. / Comments

Messaging for the 2024 Election Season / Comments / Part 2  

Mark from Blackforest called in about Bidenomics & the Economy. 

Bob from Thorton called in about plastic bags and photo radar. 


David Stryzewski – CEO of Sound Planning Group. Historical Trends in Election Years and What is Uncommon About 2024 / Interview  

Colorado’s Idiotic Bag Law / Comments 

CO Wolves – Farmers and Ranchers Article / Comments 

Richard Rush: Broncos – Russell Wilson / Interview

Richard Rush: Lauren Boebert  – Changing Congressional Districts / Comments / Part 2


Carolyn Phippen with Real Clear Politics. Biden’s Polling Numbers Tank: Three Reasons He’s Losing Support. / Interview 

 Jerzee Joe called in about how many police officers were intentionally killed, Officer Down Memorial page. If 43,000 Americans were killed…. Mayor Johnson Displacing People. 

Dell called in about plastic bags and also about a Dragonman holocaust museum in Colorado Springs.

Dan Meurer sent in about the wolves and UN Agenda 21. The wolf reintroduction or introduction into Colorado and other states is well documented in UN Agenda 21 as to why. I’ll paraphrase, but Agenda 21 stipulates the reintroduction of predatory mammals into wilderness, forests, and parks to make such lands too dangerous for humans to recreate or habitat in. It’s all part of making rural areas uninhabitable, so people are forced to live and stay in urban areas. In Minnesota, we are already having problems with wild wolves in and near small towns in northern Minnesota.  / Comments 

In an effort to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from Texas into New York City. Article / Comments 


January 2
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