Matthew Prater: Life Lessons Through the Art of the Field Goal

Nov 8, 2023 | Matthew Prater, NFL, Uncategorized

The Veteran’s Perspective

In a recent captivating interview on “Rush to Reason,” Denver’s own John Rush welcomed the esteemed NFL kicker Matthew Prater to the show. Prater, the seasoned sportsman known for his precision on the field, shared insights into his life as the oldest active kicker in the league. “Honestly, it doesn’t feel too different,” Prater remarked, reflecting on his extensive career. “I don’t heal up as quick as I used to, but other than that, I feel pretty good.”


A Mindset for Success

Prater’s philosophy extends beyond the field, embodying a mindset that resonates with all walks of life. “I expect to make the kick,” he stated, emphasizing the power of positive thinking. “I think if you think positive, the results are usually with it pretty more than they’re not.” This nugget of wisdom is not just a strategy for the game but a life lesson that Prater and Rush both advocate for on and off the air.


The Highs and Lows of the Game

The conversation took a turn toward the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the territory of being a kicker. Prater shared the dichotomy of emotions, from the ecstasy of a successful field goal to the disappointment of a miss. “The team expects you to make it, and they’re depending on you,” he explained, shedding light on the immense pressure that kickers face. Yet, Prater’s approach is one of resilience and learning, always aiming to understand and improve from each experience.


The Elite of the Elite

Rush and Prater delved into the competitive nature of the NFL, where every player is a top-tier athlete. “Everybody on both sides of the ball is getting paid. Everybody’s the top football players in the world,” Prater noted, highlighting the elite level of professional football. With only 32 positions for kickers worldwide, Prater’s role is indeed a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication.


Tune in for More

Tune into the full interview to experience the depth of the conversation. It’s a unique opportunity to hear from one of the NFL’s most experienced players and to gain a deeper understanding of the mental and physical aspects of professional football. Grab the full replay!

John Rush: “Matt, do you have any others that you can just look back on and think, yes, that was really a great day?”

Matthew Prater: “Yeah. Against the Vikings the last year in Detroit, we kicked, I think it was a 52-yarder to have the most 50-yarders in NFL history. And it was a special moment because of Don Mulebach, the long snapper. He had played, I think, 17 years. And I remember just finally chasing it and finally reaching it and doing it, and it was just special sharing that moment with him.”